About us

Make a difference!
As individuals, as well as groups and communities, we are more or less vulnerable but we believe that First Aid is a humanitarian action that should be accessible to all. First Aid education and training helps to protect and save lives, alleviate suffering, reinforce solidarity between communities and reduce inequalities. Our mission is to create safer communities by empowering people with lifesaving skills. By choosing one of our First Aid courses you will not only gain the confidence and skills needed in order to act effectively in an emergency situation, but also make a contribution to some else’s. We sponsor First Aid training for groups of people who are more vulnerable than others.

Passionate Instructors!
We are passionate about empowering people with lifesaving skills! Providing you with an exceptional training experience is more than a job for our instructors. It’s a way of life based on core values.
Our motivating and highly qualified instructors will bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to each and every class.
We look forward to seeing you in one of our First Aid or CPR classes soon!